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Minibus Hire by Silver Spires of Oxford - Transport for London and Airports, Oxford and Thames Valley, Bristol and the West, Birmingham and the Midlands, Southampton and the South Coast


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"I used Silver Spires recently for wedding transport and cannot speak highly enough of Gary and Alan I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

Steve Ruston


To place any booking you must read and agree with the following terms and conditions.

  1. Application - These Terms and Conditions apply whether a contract has been made verbally or in writing (including email). The hirer is responsible for the action of all passengers on board. Any additional costs incurred in performing the contract are the responsibility of the hirer whether or not they actually travel with the party. Once payment has been received for the hire the hirer has entered into a contract with Silver Spires.
  2. Quotations - All quotations are given subject to Silver Spires having available a suitable vehicle at the time the hirer accepts the quotation. Quotations are given for coach and driver only. Quotations are valid for 28 days unless otherwise notified. Verbal quotations will be followed up with a written quotation. All quotations are given on the basis of the most direct route and in the information given by the hirer. The route used will be at the discretion of the company unless the hirer has requested a particular route, which will be specified in the confirmation letter. Unless otherwise stated admission charges, meals, accommodation, coach parking charges, road toll charges and ferries are not included in the quoted price and the hirer agrees to pay such charges.
  3. Use of the Vehicle - The hirer cannot assume the use of the vehicle between outward and return journeys, nor that it will remain at the destination for the hirer's use unless this has been agreed with Silver Spires. Silver Spires reserves the right to levy any additional mileage or time over and above that originally agreed. The charges will be pro rata and in accordance with booking confirmation.
  4. Seating Capacity - The maximum numbers allowed on the vehicle is indicated on the vehicle. No standing passengers are allowed. Drivers will not carry extra passengers over the seating capacity. Seating capacity can be altered by Silver Spires without prior notice.
  5. Animals - will not be carried on any vehicle, except guide dogs.
  6. Payment - A deposit of £50 or 10% of the hire charge (whichever is the greater) is payable at the time of booking. The balance of the hire charge is payable (with cleared funds) no later than 7 days prior to the date of hire, unless other payment terms are agreed with Silver Spires. The company reserves the right to decline to execute any work when the foregoing conditions have not been adhered to, in which case the deposit becomes forfeitable by the hirer. In any case full payment must be made before the hire takes place.
  7. Cancellation by the Hirer - If the hirer wishes to cancel any agreement, for whatever reason, the following scale of charges will apply in relation to the total hire charge.
    • 10 days or more 25% of the hire charge will apply
    • 6-9 days 45% of the hire charge will apply
    • 0-5 days 100% of the hire charge will apply
    • The full cost of accommodation, meals, and theatre tickets (or any such ancillary services), which have already been booked or purchased by the company prior to the cancellation and at the request of the hirer, will be charged to the hirer, plus any administration charges incurred by the company. The company will give credit for refunds obtained (If Any)
    • Cancellation due to inclement weather conditions will be charged as above.
  8. Cancellation by Silver Spires - In the event of an emergency or request by the hirer to vary the originally agreed conditions, Silver Spires may return all monies paid and without further liability cancel the contract. In the event of a mechanical or driver issue which is unavoidable, Silver Spires may not be able to supply alternative transport upon this cancellation. In this event Silver Spires will endeavour to assist the hirer by supplying contact numbers for other coach operators who may be able to provide replacement hire. The hirer and passengers must have adequate travel insurance to in the event of Silver Spires unforeseen cancellations to cover unforeseen travelling cost and expenses and losses.
  9. Change of Vehicle - Silver Spires may provide a larger vehicle than the size hired at no additional charge. Silver Spires reserves the right to subcontract to another coach operator to cover the hire. We offer executive and non-executive vehicles and in the event of any emergency we reserve the right to change the grading and specification of the vehicle without any liability on Silver Spires.
  10. Route - Unless the hirer has advised of a particular route or places to be passed en-route, which will be specified on the confirmation letter, the route taken will be at the discretion of the company and / or driver. The vehicle will depart at the times agreed by the hirer, and it is the responsibility of the hirer to account for all passengers at those times. The company will not accept liability for any losses incurred by the passengers who fail to follow instructions given by the hirer. Should the vehicle be detained by the hirer or taken on a longer journey than that contracted for, the company reserves the right to make an additional charge. The booked pickup address, the destination and the route, must be accessible for the coach. If the location or the route cannot be accessed because of traffic signs or physical restriction, or may endanger the safety of the coach or the passengers, the driver reserves the right at anytime to arrange an alternative route or location to pickup or drop off the passengers.
  11. Breakdown / Delay - Silver Spires may give advice on journey times in good faith, but does not guarantee the completion of a journey at a specific time, and we will not be liable for inconvenience or loss caused by breakdown or delay which is an unforeseen circumstance.
  12. Drivers Hours - The hours of operation of the driver are regulated by the law and the hirer accepts the responsibility of ensuring the hire keeps to the hours and times agreed by the company. Neither the hirer nor any passengers shall delay or otherwise interrupt the journey in such a way that the driver is at risk of breaching regulations relating to drivers hours and duty time. If any breach is likely to occur the hirer will be responsible for any additional costs.
  13. Property - All vehicles hired are subject to restrictions on carrying luggage for statutory safety reasons. The driver shall be the sole judge as to whether property is carried. Silver Spires will not accept liability for any damage or loss of property being carried on any vehicle. Silver Spires will not accept liability for any damage or loss of property that is left on any vehicle after hire. Any articles of found property recovered from a vehicle will be held at the depot where the vehicle is based and may be collected from there. Full cost of collection is the responsibility of the hirer or individual passenger. If the hirer or passenger wishes to collect the property in person, an appointment with Silver Spires must be made prior to collection.
  14. Insurance - The hirer should have adequate travel insurance in the event of cancellation by Silver Spires so the hirer may claim for any unforeseen expense for losses. The hirer and individual passengers are recommenced to obtain insurance for those items where, save for negligence, Silver Spires' liability is limited (such as delay of luggage).
  15. Conduct of Passengers - The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle. Any passengers whose conduct is in breach of statutory regulations will be removed on the driver's authority. The hirer will be responsible for all damages caused to the vehicle by hirer or passengers during the hire.
  16. Complaints - Must be made within 7 days of the date of hire in writing to Customer Care Department. No compensation will be paid out from Silver Spires unless a wedding day or funeral is missed due to an error made by Silver Spires. Silver Spires only accepts standard postal letters not recorded delivery. The hirer and / or cardholder agrees that if there is a dispute regarding a booking a chargeback request will not be raised through any credit card issuer or bank. The hirer and / or cardholder agrees to have a fait independent hearing in a County Court if an agreement cannot be made between the hirer and Silver Spires.
  17. Notices - No bill, poster or notice is to be displayed on any vehicle without prior consent of Silver Spires.
  18. Refreshments - Under no circumstances may alcoholic drinks be carried or consumed on the vehicle without the permission of the company. It is also illegal to carry or consume alcoholic drinks on a coach proceeding to or from designated sporting events and permission cannot be given in these cases. Other than on a vehicle fitted expressly for the purpose, food and drink, except for small items of confectionery (such as sweets and chocolate), may not be consumed on the vehicle without the prior agreement of the company or the driver.
  19. Smoking - All coaches are non-smoking.
  20. Surcharges - The quotation given is based on operating costs at the date of quotation. If more than 28 days elapse between the date of the quotation and the date of departure, the company reserve the right to pass onto the hirer any increase in the cost of fuel or any other increased costs resulting from Government action. Silver Spires reserves the right to charge a valeting charge for any soiling or damage of vehicles made by the hirer or their passengers. Silver Spires's charges an additional £100 refundable sickness and damage deposit for any nighttime or late night hire. Any booking made by credit / debit card incurs a 3% bank charge unless agreed by Silver Spires. This is a charge levied by the bank, and is outside Silver Spires' control.
  21. Children - Children must be accompanied by an adult at least 21 years of age, for health and safety reasons.
  22. Airport or Ferry Transfers - On collection of passengers from airports, ferry ports etc, the coach will wait for one hour after the prearranged collection time free of charge. After that an additional waiting charge will be charged at the discretion of the company.
  23. Waiting Times - All prearranged times must be adhered to. Any alterations must be agreed to by the Silver Spires office. Waiting times will be charged @ £60 per hour with 15 minutes leeway, thereafter billed per 30 mins.